granton baptist church

About us

What happens when we meet on Sundays?

We pray and we sing, accompanied by a worship band. Someone, (usually our minister, Ian Dickie), will explain a reading or story from the Bible, and they will help us apply it to our lives. Although Jesus lived two thousand years ago, we believe He rose from the dead and is very much alive today! He promises to come alongside us to give us power to live for him, and to be agents of change in the world around us.

What about you?

You may be a Christian, or you may just be interested in exploring spirituality. You may be unclear as to what you believe, but you are seeking a safe place to ask your questions. All are welcome here. We are all on a journey of discovery when it comes to God. Why not join us and learn with us? We meet each Sunday at 11.00am. We also meet midweek in small groups where we drink lots of coffee and discuss ways in which our lives can be shaped by the teachings of Jesus.  

Where do you go from here?

On the rest of our website you will see information about what goes on in the church. Check it out. If you want to meet with someone to help you go further, use the contact form. Thanks for looking. Why not join us? See you Sunday?

Our mission

To Motivate, Equip, Encourage and Involve all at Granton Baptist to reach the community for Christ.

Our vision

To see all at Granton Baptist passionately share God’s heart for the lost - that they proactively discover, develop and use their gifts to grow His Church.