New to the Faith

If you have just started following Jesus, you will no doubt have found that it’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done. However, we need to be part of a caring, growing group of people that will help us move on in our faith. That means we need to come and worship God on a Sunday.  Our minister, Ian explains the parts of the Bible that help us grow. We sing songs that enable us to express our love for God. There are people available to pray for us when we are struggling.

We also have small groups that meet in homes, or on Zoom, where we can discuss the challenge of following Jesus. You may have all sorts of questions about your new-found faith: “How do I pray?” “What about my past?” “How do I read the Bible – where do I start? There are bits I don’t understand….” HELP! We’ve all been there, and can share our own experiences with you. You can also join a group that will help you grow as a follower of Jesus. GET STUCK IN!

Can I speak to someone?

The short answer is “yes”. We can’t always share the deeper struggles or questions we may have with a group of strangers. Maybe we simply want to sit someone we can trust, and talk. We are available. This will be done in the strictest confidence. If this would help, fill in the contact form on the website.